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Areas of Practice

CIVIL LITIGATION               PROBATE COURT/ESTATE PLANNING                       CORPORATE           

Personal Injury                             Estate Administration                                               Incorporations


Business Disputes                          Guardianships and Conservatorships                            LLC Formations   

Real Estate Disputes                      Powers of Attorney and Simple Wills  

FINRA Arbitration Claims     


Past performance is not a guarantee or indication of future success.  Each client's case is different, and Jennings Law Firm, LLC does not provide any promise or guarantee regarding the outcome of any case.
$740,000.00 for local telecommunications carrier damaged by nationwide wireless infrastructure provider
        $475,000.00 for minor child burned by hot coffee in a restaurant
        $453,000.00 for funds taken using a Power of Attorney
        $375,000.00 from a stock brokerage firm for unsuitable investments
        $325,000.00 for medical malpractice involving the failure to diagnose a heart attack
        $300,000.00 for injuries of a 16 year old passenger in an automobile wreck
        $205,000.00 for funds improperly taken using a Power of AttorneY
$175,000.00 for funds improperly taken using a Power of Attorney
           $135,000 for funds wrongfully taken by a family member
            $133,000.00 of disputed life insurance proceeds
            $125,000.00 from a stock brokerage firm for unsuitable investments
        $90,000.00  from a general contractor who failed to pay his subcontractor
        $75,000.00  for a client bitten by a copperhead snake at a Putt-Putt course
        $44,000.00 for funds improperly taken using a Power of AttorneY
$43,000.00 for daughter wrongfully excluded from a Will
            $21,700.00 for taking cash and jewelry from an estate

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